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Labarde Management Limited (“LM”) will collect and process data entered into this site, including in our application form, for the purposes of compliance and for the performance of a proposed or actual contract with Labarde Management.

LM will be considered as a Data Controller for this purpose.

In order to fulfil our contract with you, we will require that data be passed to 3rd parties who process data on behalf of LM. This may include us passing your name or the name of your company to our banking partners in order to comply with the EU Wire Transfer Regulations, passing details to credit agencies in order comply with AML legislation and passing details of certain trades to regulatory bodies, such as for transaction reporting reasons.

LM may also collect other data from public sources (such as company records) or may purchase data (such as credit data) in order to help facilitate our contract with you, or to meet our compliance obligations. A full list of where your data may be passed and the purposes of us holding and using this data is available on request.

LM will not sell your data to 3rd parties for the purposes of marketing, or share your data with parties for any reason other than for the performance of our contract, or compliance with legislative requirements. LM will not intentionally collect any information which is considered sensitive, but may discover such information during our general conversations with you, for example we may be able to discern your political views based on discussions about current affairs affecting the FX markets.

LM will not record this data in its systems and will take all possible steps to protect this sensitive data including encrypting call recordings.

By submitting data to this site, you will be required to explicitly consent to LM accessing, processing, storing and transferring of your personal data in accordance with the terms of this notice.

By agreeing to the terms of the application form on this website you consent to your personal data being held for the provision of payment services and acknowledge that LM is required by law to retain all data for a period of 5 years from the point at which I cease to trade with Labarde Management (as required by Anti Money Laundering Legislation).

In relation to our market commentary, if you subscribe to receive our market commentary, you agree that Labarde Management may processes your email and contact details for the purposes of sending daily market commentary, and consent to Labarde Management retaining your name and email address in order to send these emails. This data will not be sold to any 3rd parties and will be used solely for direct communication with you by Labarde Management.

You may unsubscribe from this at any time by clicking Unsubscribe in the emails that we have sent you. Once you have subscribed, LM will assume that it has a Legitimate Interest in holding limited data on you, which you may revoke at any time by clicking Unsubscribe.

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