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Treasury services 


Let Labarde Management take care of your FX market exposure – allowing you to focus on keeping your business in the lead.

In today's volatile markets when timing and risk management are key to the success of you and your clients' FX market exposure Labarde Management can work alongside you as a complete treasury service.

Offering named collection accounts for your clients to deposit funds into, our team can manage the execution, liquidity, timing and risk management on your behalf allowing you to focus on your primary markets and business.

Our regular market insights and research can also be provided for your desk and your clients, and we can provide the research required for the major, minor and exotic markets.

We guarantee full transparency from start to finish - our online platform is available for you to access at any time and we offer full API capability to connect with your systems if required.

With a complete dealing and treasury function offering for your business, Labarde Management can make a real-world, tangible difference to any FX exposure through a strategic approach to entry and exit of currency positions. From institutional-level pricing to hedging strategy design and execution, we can protect you and your clients' returns from downside risk while capitalising on any upside potential.


Labarde Management can offer its clients named collection accounts in GBP, USD & EUR no matter where they are based in the world. Our facility allows you to collect funds directly from your clients into fully segregated accounts held in your name. All collection accounts are held with tiered banking partners in the US, UK and EU. 

Scalable,  secure, reliable and fully customisable you can cut out banking fees and expensive payment rails. 


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