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How we can help

The partners of Labarde Management set ourselves the highest standards of ethical conduct in the management of our business and its relationship with clients and counterparties.


Impactful giving


A key component of our philosophy as a business is that we are firmly committed to charitable giving to causes where we believe that we can make a real impact.


As an FX management and hedging solutions provider specialising in illiquid currencies, we are a business with a very global outlook. However our major focus for selecting projects is on a local community level in the areas where we operate - particularly those that may have received less help and support from organisations with more broad-based approaches. By taking this approach we hope that we can make a meaningful difference as a business.


Waived-fees and free advice for charitable organisations

In addition, if you are a non-political charitable organisation or educational charity with foreign currency exposure, Labarde Management has a depth of experience problem solving for multinational organisations. We can put our expertise at your disposal - get in touch with us at to find out how we can help you to maximise your impact. We will waive any fees to help your funds go further.

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